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Humans are a nomadic species. Driven by our need for recreation, contemplation, connection and reflection, we are on the go. Besides being the world’s largest industry travel and tourism has enormous and unsustainable impact on energy, water, land and food use. At My Trip 100, we believe that people’s inherent wanderlust, their desire for new experiences and concern for the places they care for most can inspire the protection of the world’s natural and cultural bounty and generate economic opportunity in destinations that rely on visitors. Since 2002, we have been charting a new course for travel and tourism — one that leads to a healthier environment, greater economic opportunity, social justice and the protection of natural and cultural resources.

Our Mission:

To protect and conserve our planet’s most vulnerable destinations by transforming tourism’s impact on nature and communities.

Our Vision:

A world where tourism actively contributes to environmental and community well-being.

Luxury and Quality Yacht

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Professional and Expert Crews

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Value for Spending Money

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